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Viddy is an app that could, in short, be defined as an 'instagram' for videos. Basically instead of sharing photos with your friends, you'll share short clips that are under fifteen seconds long.

The video recording and sharing process is very simple: you click on the appropriate button, record whatever it is you want to record, apply any of the filters you want to use from among the filters available (some are for pay), and choose whether you want to share your creation exclusively on Viddy, or Facebook, twitter and tumblr.

Once you've created and shared your video, the social factor comes into play. Just as on Instagram or on Twitter, you'll have a group of followers and people who you follow. So, on your timeline, you'll be able to see all the creations by the people you follow and leave comments, or simply mark them as favorites.

Viddy is an app with a lot of potential, and it can really get to be quite entertaining. Watching other people's videos and making your own provides for hours of creativity and fun.